Clinical Legal Education as a Catalyst for Change in Punjab: Tackling Drug Abuse and Human Rights Violations

Author(s): Raj Kumar Yadav*, Gyanendra Pratap Singh, Paramveer Singh, Rahul SK, Vaishali Verma, Priyanka Chaudhary, Aarushi Mittal and Madhu Bala


The paper explores the importance of Clinical Legal Education (CLE) in securing human rights and the relationship between CLE and drug abuse. Using a mixed study method, including doctrinal research and 400 direct interviews in Punjab State of India (Bharat), the research reveals that CLE can effectively combat drug abuse and protect basic human rights like life, education, food, and medication. The study highlights the need for due care and guidance in combating drug abuse, making students more professional, skilled, and knowledgeable having concern for the society. The social implications of this research are significant, as drug abuse is a significant challenge in our societies. The paper emphasizes the need for preventive education on drug abuse and the significant social implications of this research. Media also plays a crucial role in raising awareness and promoting a society that shuns evil and promotes good for all.

image 10.4303/JDAR/236252

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