Article Processing Charges

Journal of Drug and Alcohol Research (JDAR) is an open access, online, electronic journal with full contents available to the scientific community free of charge to all readers. Authors maintain the copyright to their own work, a policy facilitating dissemination of data to the widest possible audience without requiring permission from the publisher. Publishing an article in JDAR requires Article Processing Charges that will be billed to the submitting author upon acceptance of the article for publication in accordance with the following table.

Article Processing Charges (APC) :


Average Article prorcessing time (APT) is 65 days

If Authors wish to retract their papers after rigorous review/ revisions they are liable to pay 20% of their total expenses on their article as processing fees. Our review process comprises Editors, Reviewers, Editorial Assistant, Associate Manager Editor, Assistant Managing Editor, Content Writer with the support of Quality Control team, Html team, Web team to ensure that the articles are of the finest quality with crystal clear form.