Published Articles

Comparison of the Effectiveness of Allopurinol and Methylprednisolone in Reducing Reperfusion Injury in Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery

Heru Kurniawan, Aries Perdana, Anas Alatas and Akhyar Hamonangan Nasution

Volume (2020), Article ID 236102, 5 Pages

Published: October, 2020

Influence of Alcohol and Drug Consumption on Hepatitis C Treatment with Direct-Acting Antivirals

Jose Carlos Fernandez de Canete Camacho*, Jose Maria Moreno Planas and Natalia Garcia Sanchez

Volume (2020), Article ID 236101, 7 Pages

Published: September, 2020

Liquor Sophia as a New Branding to Improve Marketing Tourism in East Nusa Tenggara Indonesia

Suwandi Sumartias*, Emeralda Ayu Kusuma and Siska Armawati Sufa

Volume (2020), Article ID 236100, 3 Pages

Published: September, 2020

The Effect of Drugs of Abuse and Alcohol Can Lead to Ocular Disorders: A Systematic Meta-Analysis

Rodiah Rahmawaty Lubis*, Anna Mira Lubis, Hamzah Sulaiman Lubis, Yuliani Mardiati Lubis

Volume (2020), Article ID 236099, 3 Pages

Published: September, 2020

The National Policy of Drug Abuse Management in Schools in South Africa: Unknown and Unimplemented

Anthony Velaphi Mokwena, Kebogile Mokwena*, Hendry van der Heever and Mathildah Mokgatle

Volume (2020), Article ID 236098, 4 Pages

Published: September, 2020

Factors Related To Alcohol Consumption Among Motorcycle Riders In Chiang Rai Province, Thailand

Watcharapong ruankham and Narongsak noosorn*

Volume (2020), Article ID 236097, 5 Pages

DOI: 10.4303/jdar/236097

Published: July, 2020

Microbial Contamination In Laru (Local Community Beverage Alcohol of East Nusa Tenggara)

Apris A. Adu and Sarci M. Toy

Volume (2020), Article ID 236096, 2 Pages

DOI: 10.4303/jdar/236096

Published: July, 2020

Impact of a Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Program on the Locus of Control of the Service User, a South African Study

Lucy Fernandes* and Kebogile Mokwena

Volume (2020), Article ID 236095, 5 Pages

DOI: 10.4303/jdar/236095

Published: July, 2020

Alcohol Modulation of Amyloid Precursor Protein in Alzheimer's Disease

Steven A. Masi, Madhavan P. Nair, Michael Vigorito, Tinchun Chu, and Sulie L. Chang*

Volume (2020), Article ID 236094, 11 Pages

DOI: 10.4303/jdar/236094

Published: July, 2020

The Effect of Thiamine Administration on Interleukin-6 (Il-6) Enzyme, Lactate and Sequential Organ Failure Assessment (SOFA) Score in Patients with Sepsis

Akhyar Hamonangan Nasution* and Riza Stya Yulianda

Volume (2020), Article ID 236093, 4 Pages

DOI: 10.4303/jdar/236093

Published: July, 2020