Published Articles

Association of Sepsis-Related Mortality with Early Increase of MMP-9, TIMP-1, TIMP-1/MMP-9 Ratio

Bastian Lubis*, Aznan Lelo, Akhyar Hamonangan Nasution, Tasrif Hamdi and Putri Amelia

Volume (2020), Article ID 236112, 3 Pages

Published: December, 2020

Justice Collaboration on Social Media: Drugs and Narcotics Abuse Prevention Promotion

Sri Warjiyati*, Daniel Susilo and Suyanto

Volume (2020), Article ID 236111, 5 Pages

Published: December, 2020

Effect of Daily Moderate Red Wine Consumption on Paraoxonase 1

Fidel Navarro-García, Nestor Ponce-Ruíz, Fátima E. Murillo-González, Aurora E. Rojas-García, Briscia S.Barrón-Vivanco, Yael Y. Bernal-Hernández, Cyndia A. González-Arias, Laura Ortega-Cervantes, Violeta A. Hermosillo-Medina, and Irma M. Medina-Díaz*

Volume (2020), Article ID 236110, 8 Pages

Published: December, 2020

Methanol-Induced Bilateral Optic Neuropathy in Adolescent: A Case Report

Dadang H Somasetia*, Fina M Andriyani, Stanza U Peryoga and Dzulfikar DL Hakim

Volume (2020), Article ID 236109, 2 Pages

Published: November, 2020

Role of Preoperative Carbohydrate Loading for Length of Hospital Stay in Elective Surgery Patient: Meta-Analysis Study

Akhyar Hamonangan Nasution* , Tasrif Hamdi, and Bastian Lubis

Volume (2020), Article ID 236108, 4 Pages

Published: November, 2020

A Systematic Review of Community Prevention Studies Empowering Parents as Vectors of Prevention

Cátia Magalhães*, Daniel Lloret, Elena Gervilla, Florence Samkange-Zeeb, Claudia R. Pischke, Montse Juan and Mariangels Dutch

Volume (2020), Article ID 236106, 10 Pages

Published: November, 2020

Impact of Nyaope Use on Erectile Function of the Users: An Exploratory Study in Three Townships of Tshwane District, South Africa

Sydney Mankale Moroatshehla, Kebogile Mokwena*, and Shingai Mutambirwa

Volume (2020), Article ID 236107, 7 Pages

Published: November, 2020

Sexting among University Students: Links to Internet Addiction and Psychological Variables

Gerardo Gómez-García, José-María Romero-Rodríguez*, Carmen Rodríguez-Jiménez and Magdalena Ramos Navas-Parejo

Volume (2020), Article ID 236105, 10 Pages

Published: November, 2020

Agriculture Sector Women's Alcohol Drinking Pattern and Behavior in the Lower Northern Region of Thailand

Narongsak Noosorn*, Chakkraphan Phetphum and Rishad Choudhury Robin

Volume (2020), Article ID 236104, 5 Pages

Published: November, 2020

Temporal Requirement for the Protective Effect of Dietary Cholesterol against Alcohol-Induced Vasoconstriction

Olga Seleverstov, Kelsey North, Maria Simakova, Shivantika Bisen, Alexandra Bickenbach, Zoran Bursac, Alex M. Dopico and Anna N. Bukiya*

Volume (2020), Article ID 236103, 9 Pages

Published: October, 2020