Published Articles

Differential Lipid Profiles in Experimental Steatohepatitis: Role for Imaging Mass Spectrometry as a Diagnostic Aid

Emine B Yalcin, Kavin Nunez, Dale S Cornett, and Suzanne M de la Monte

Volume (2015), Article ID 235928, 10 Pages

DOI: 10.4303/jdar/235928

Published: October, 2015

The Role of Harmane and Norharmane in In Vitro Dopaminergic Function

Susan M Lantz, Elvis Cuevas, Bonnie L Robinson, Merle G Paule, Syed F Ali, and Syed Z Imam

Volume (2015), Article ID 235925, 7 Pages

DOI: 10.4303/jdar/235925

Published: September, 2015

Effects of Modafinil and R-Modafinil on Brain Stimulation Reward Thresholds: Implications for Their Use in the Treatment of Psychostimulant Dependence

Brian T Burrows, Lucas R.Watterson, Meagan A Johnson, and M Foster Olive

Volume (2015), Article ID 235958, 4 Pages

DOI: 10.4303/jdar/235958

Published: October, 2015

Protective Effects of Caffeic Acid on Quinolinic Acid-Induced Behavioral and Oxidative Alterations in Rats

Ana Laura Col´ın-Gonz´alez, Sayde S´anchez-Hern´andez, Maria Eduarda de Lima, Syed F. Ali,3 Anah´ı Chavarr´ıa, Juana Villeda, and Abel Santamar´ıa

Volume (2015), Article ID 235959, 4 Pages

DOI: 10.4303/jdar/235959

Published: December, 2015

Inhibition of Aldehyde Dehydrogenase-2 (ALDH-2) Suppresses Nicotine Self-Administration in Rats

Amir H Rezvani, Edward D Levin, Maria P. Arolfo, Corinne Wells, Michael Graupe, and Ivan Diamond

Volume (2015), Article ID 235940, 5 Pages

DOI: 10.4303/jdar/235940

Published: November, 2015

Alcoholic Steatosis in Different Strains of Rat: A Comparative Study

Kamlesh K Bhopale, Shakuntala Kondraganti, Harshica Fernando, Paul J Boor, Bhupendra S Kaphalia, and GA Shakeel Ansari

Volume (2015), Article ID 235912, 8 Pages

DOI: 10.4303/jdar/235912

Published: April, 2014

Anesthetic Drug-Induced Neurotoxicity and Compromised Neural Stem Cell Proliferation

Cheng Wang, Fang Liu, Tucker A Patterson, Merle G Paule and William Slikker Jr.

Volume (2015), Article ID 235905, 7 Pages

DOI: 10.4303/jdar/235905

Published: April, 2015

Adolescent MDMA Exposure Diminishes the Physiological, Behavioral, and Neurotoxic Consequences of a Subsequent Methamphetamine Binge

Christina S Henderson, Brian J Piper, and Jerrold S. Meyer

Volume (2014), Article ID 235886, 9 Pages

DOI: 10.4303/jdar/235886

Published: October, 2014

Drinking-Related Tetrahydroharmans Counteract the Membrane Effects of Local Anesthetic Lidocaine

Hironori Tsuchiya and Maki Mizogami

Volume (2014), Article ID 235887, 5 Pages

DOI: 10.4303/jdar/235887

Published: December, 2014

Protection against Methamphetamine-Induced Striatal Apoptosis by Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG) in the Mouse Brain

Qingkun Liu, Ariela Hazan, Misty J. Eaton, Karam F Soliman, and Jesus A Angulo

Volume (2014), Article ID 235878, 7 Pages

DOI: 10.4303/jdar/235878

Published: November, -0001