2016: Volume 5, Issue 1

Endotoxin Enhancement of Morphine-Induced Conditioned Place Preference

Sulie L Chang, Sraboni Sarkar, Michael Vigorito, and Xin Mao

Volume 5 (2016)

DOI: 10.4303/jdar/235950

Published: November, 2015

Different Lines of Rats Selectively-Bred for High Alcohol-Drinking Demonstrate Disparate Preferences for Nicotine Self-administration

Amir H Rezvani, Edward D Levin, Corinne Wells, Susan Slade, Margaret Morrison, Lindsey Marshall, Matt Morris, Jamie Confino, Cheyenne Allenby, and Lawrence Lumeng

Volume 5 (2016)

DOI: 10.4303/jdar/235972

Published: March, 2016

Sensitization to the Motor Stimulant Effects of 3,4-Methylenedioxypyrovalerone (MDPV) and Cross-Sensitization to Methamphetamine in Rats

Lucas RWatterson, Peter R. Kufahl, Sara B Taylor, Natali E Nemirovsky, and M Foster Olive

Volume 5 (2016)

DOI: 10.4303/jdar/235967

Published: November, 2016

An Overview of Causal Directed Acyclic Graphs for Substance Abuse Researchers

Michael Lewis and Alexis Kuerbis

Volume 5 (2016)

DOI: 10.4303/jdar/235992

Published: July, 2016

3,4-methylenedioxypyrovalerone (MDPV) Induces Cytotoxic Effects on Human Dopaminergic SH-SY5Y Cells

Hector Rosas-Hernandez, Elvis Cuevas, Susan M Lantz, Syed Z Imam, Kenner C Rice, Brenda M Gannon, William E Fantegrossi, Merle G Paule, and Syed F Ali

Volume 5 (2016)

DOI: 10.4303/jdar/235991

Published: August, 2016

Age-Dependent Susceptibility to Alcohol-Induced Cerebral Artery Constriction

Anna N Bukiya, Olga Seleverstov, Shivantika Bisen and Alex M Dopico

Volume 5 (2016)

DOI: 10.4303/jdar/236002

Published: October, 2016

Differential Expression of mRNAs Coding for Histone Deacetylases (HDACs) in the Nucleus Accumbens of Compulsive Methamphetamine Takers and Abstinent Rats

Jean Lud Cadet, Bruce Ladenheim, Irina N Krasnova, and Subramaniam Jayanthi

Volume 5 (2016)

DOI: 10.4303/jdar/235998

Published: October, 2016

Cocaine-Like Discriminative Stimulus Effects of Mephedrone and Naphyrone in Mice

Brenda M Gannon and William E Fantegrossi

Volume 5 (2016)

DOI: 10.4303/jdar/236009

Published: December, 2016