Published Articles

The Cultural Value of the Minahasa People about Liquor "Cap Tikus"

Maria Heny Pratiknjo* and Rully Mambo

Volume (2019), Article ID 236080, 3 Pages

DOI: 10.4303/jdar/236080

Published: October, 2019

The Policy and Supervision by Government of Circulation Alcoholic Beverages in East Java, Indonesia

Rr. Herini Siti Aisyah, Heru Irianto*, M Saleh, Tatiek Djatmiati and Minola Sebayang

Volume (2019), Article ID 236081, 6 Pages

DOI: 10.4303/jdar/236081

Published: September, 2019

Acts against Drugs and Narcotics Abuse: Measurement of the Effectiveness Campaign on Indonesian Narcotics Regulator Instagram

Rahma Sugihartati and Daniel Susilo

Volume (2019), Article ID 236079, 3 Pages

Published: September, 2019

The Motive of Using Dumolid among Indonesian Artists

Redi Panuju

Volume (2019), Article ID 236074, 4 Pages

Published: August, 2019

Patterns of Therapeutic Communication in Rehabilitation Institution for the Narcotics Users in East Java, Indonesia

Iwan Joko Prasetyo, Sanhari Prawiradiredja and R. Ayu Erni Jusnita

Volume (2019), Article ID 236078, 7 Pages

Published: July, 2019

Smoking Habits in Hajj: A Cross-sectional Study on 464 Pilgrims in Makkah, 2017_1438H

Sultan Aldahash, Shady Abdelrahman Kamel, Amal M. Al-Nafisi, Faleh D. Alshakarh, Ghada Mohammed Bin Saleh and Abdulaziz Aljurayyan

Volume (2019), Article ID 236077, 4 Pages

Published: July, 2019

A Biochemical Study of Agarwood on Methanol Injection in Rat

Asmaa F. Hamouda

Volume (2019), Article ID 236073, 13 Pages

Published: April, 2019

Differences in Alcohol Consumption and Self-Esteem between Tattooed and Non-Tattooed People

Stevi Deschler, Alla Sawatzky, Kathrin Wendler and Erich Kasten

Volume (2019), Article ID 236072, 5 Pages

Published: March, 2019