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Ethanol Neurotoxicity

Sex and Individual Differences in Alcohol Intake Are Associated with Differences in Ketamine Self-Administration Behaviors and Nucleus Accumbens Dendritic Spine Density

Lipidomics reveals a systemic energy deficient state that precedes neurotoxicity in neonatal monkeys after sevoflurane exposure

Minimally invasive biomarkers of general anesthetic-induced developmental neurotoxicity

Early-life ketamine exposure attenuates the preference for ethanol in adolescent Sprague-Dawley rats

Moxidectin effects on gut microbiota of Wistar-Kyoto rats: relevance to depressive-like behavior

In Vivo�Monitoring of Sevoflurane-induced Adverse Effects in Neonatal Nonhuman Primates Using Small-animal Positron Emission Tomography

Sub-anesthetic doses of ketamine attenuate nicotine self-administration in rats

Potential adverse effects of prolonged sevoflurane exposure on developing monkey brain: from abnormal lipid metabolism to neuronal damage

Managing the uncertainty during COVID-19 pandemic: Communicating disaster and food industry sustainability

Investigational drug therapies in phase I and phase II clinical trials for alcohol use disorders

�Both ketamine and NBQX attenuate alcohol-withdrawal induced depression in male rats

Ketamine normalizes binge drinking-induced defects in glutamatergic synaptic transmission and ethanol drinking behavior in female but not male mice

Review of preclinical studies on pediatric general anesthesia-induced developmental neurotoxicity

Both ketamine and NBQX attenuate alcohol drinking in male Wistar rats

Hepatoprotective Angelica sinensis silver nanoformulation against multidrug resistant bacteria and the integration of a multicomponent logic gate system

Low vs. high alcohol: central benefits vs. detriments

MicroPET/CT Assessment of Minocycline Effects on Anesthetic-Induced Neuronal Injury in Developing Rats

The Placenta as a Target for Alcohol During Pregnancy: The Close Relation with IGFs Signaling Pathway

Review of toluene action: clinical evidence, animal studies and molecular targets