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Programme of the 29th ECNP Congress-Vienna 2016

Treatment of Internet Addiction with Anxiety Disorders: Treatment Protocol and Preliminary Before-After Results Involving Pharmacotherapy and Modified Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Novel psychoactive substances and inhalants

The Analysis of Toluene Concentrations Affecting Learning and Long-Term Memory of Mice and Workers Who Long-Term Exposed to Low-Level of Toluene

Substance abuse among high school learners in a rural education district in the Free State province, South Africa

MDPV “high-responder” rats also self-administer more oxycodone than their “low-responder” counterparts under a fixed ratio schedule of reinforcement

An Exploration of the Neurobehavioral and Neurochemical Outcomes Resultant from Abuse-and Environmental-Like Exposure to Volatile Organic Compounds

An updated review on synthetic cathinones

Uncovering the hepatotoxic and neurotoxic potential of ß-keto amphetamine (cathinone) derivates: in vitro mechanistic studies.

Challenges to Neuroscience and Public Policy Derived from New Trends and Patterns of Inhalant Misuse

Substance Abuse among High School Learners in South Africa: A Case Study of Promoting Factors

In vivo toxicometabolomics reveals multi-organ and urine metabolic changes in mice upon acute exposure to human-relevant doses of 3,4-methylenedioxypyrovalerone (MDPV)

The last two decades on preclinical and clinical research on inhalant effects

Review of preclinical studies on pediatric general anesthesia-induced developmental neurotoxicity

Adventism and Minahasan Culinary Identity

The psychoactive cathinone derivative pyrovalerone alters locomotor activity and decreases dopamine receptor expression in zebrafish (Danio rerio)

Effects of Binge-Like Toluene Exposure in Periadolescent Swisswebster Mice on Subsequent Drug Effects and Preference

Psychoactive bath salts and neurotoxicity risk


Repeated toluene exposure leads to neuroadaptation in dopamine release mechanisms within the nucleus accumbens core