Makassar School of Health Environment, Makassar Health Polytechnic, Indonesia


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    Stimulant Drink of the Long Driver Lorry in Sulawesi Island, Indonesia
    Author(s): Agussalim*, Siti Nurul Fajriah, Adriyani Adam, Muhammad Asikin, Takko Podding and Zaenab

    Energy drinks are drinks that are widely consumed today for hard workers, especially ten-wheel truck drivers. Work makes them have to consume stimulants for health. This study aims to determine the percentage of drivers consuming stimulant drinks, the dominant age for the driver, as well as the percentage of stimulant drinks are most widely used. The research method used is the mix method to determine the type of stimulant drinks they consume as well as the percentage of age and the amount consumed. The results showed that the age of 26 years-30 years most of the age of truck drivers, the age of 36 years-40 years most drivers consume stimulant drinks due to decreased physical function, as well as the most consumed drinks are the type of “K” because of the price and related components contained therein. To the driver please consume stimulant drinks but not more than 300 ml .. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4303/JDAR/236290

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