Yudhisman Imran

Department of Neurology, Universitas Trisakti, Jakarta, Indonesia


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    The Association between COVID-19 Pandemic Stress Level with Migraine and Drug Overuse Headache Incidency in Young Adults
    Author(s): Muhammad Zuhri Fauzan Ramadhan and Yudhisman Imran*

    Background: The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in the establishment of a pandemic response policy by the government that caused a direct impact in the form of physcological stressors felt by the community. Stressors trigger stress, which is the cause of migraine attacks that will increase after puberty and about 90% of patients have their first attack before age 50 and prevalence of medication of overuse headache is 1 until 2% in the world population. This study was conducted to find out the relationship of stress levels during the COVID-19 pandemic to the incident of migraine and drug Overuse Headache Incidency in young adulthood. Methods: Observational analysis with cross-sectional study design conducted by spreading questionnaires on employees of the Directorate General of Population and Civil Registration of the Ministry of Home Affairs of t.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4303/JDAR/236225

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