Poly Pharmacy and Potential Drug-Drug Interactions among Elderly People: Hospital Based Cross-Sectional Study

Author(s): Bedilu Linger Endalifer*, Yehualashet Teshome Wondemkun, Habtemariam Alekaw Habteweld, Abyou Seifu Ambaye, Yenesew Wudu Ejigu and Abate wondesen Tsegie


Introduction: Patients with advanced age and with 4 chronic diseases were the most likely to use highest health care services. Polypharmacy and pDDIs are independently associated and consequences significant health burden in older patient. The objectives of the study were to study polypharmacy and pDDIs among geriatric patients on follow-up.

Design, setting and participants: Hospital based prospective cross-sectional study design was conducted at Dessie comprehensive specialized hospital which is located in Ethiopia from November 01, 2021 to February 2022. Finally 210 patient charts fulfills the inclusion criteria were enrolled. Patient demographic information, patients’ medical conditions and medication-related information were collected by using structured data abstraction tool. Polypharmacy was considered if the patient took 5 or more drugs together. Micromedex® drug interaction checker was used to identify potential drug-drug interactions.

Result: In this study, medical records of 210 patients with chronic disease conditions on follow up were collected. The mean age was 70.78 ± 5.996 years. The men number of drugs prescribed was 3.40 ± 2.86, the magnitude of polypharmacy (5 or more drugs) were 22.4% (47). Significant association was observed between polypharmacy and patients on cardiovascular disease and infectious disease. Atleast one potential drug-drug interactions observed in 144 (68.6%) patients with an average of 25.2 ± 38.6 and 458 total potential drug-drug interactions were identified. Majority of potential drug-drug interactions 264 (57.6%) were moderate and the rest 194 (42.4%) were major in nature. Pharmacodynamics 238 (52%) mechanism of interaction accounts the highest frequency. Age, sex, and number of drugs prescribed showed significant contribution for the occurrence of potential drug-drug interactions.

Conclusion: Polypharmacy and potential drug-drug interactions are higher in magnitude and might consequence significant health and economic burden.

image 10.4303/JDAR/236228

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