Exploring University Student Attitudes, Beliefs, and Alcohol Usage Patterns: An Investigation into Alcohol and Drug Use within the Student Lifestyle.

Author(s): T.S. Leelavati, S. Madhavi, K. Susmitha, K.S. Venkateswara Kumar, P. Vara Prasad Goud, K. Ganga Raju and Shaik Aminabee*


This research paper examines the attitudes, beliefs, and alcohol usage patterns among university students using a sample of 900 participants. The study aims to explore the factors influencing alcohol consumption and the prevalence of drug use among this demographic. Data was collected through surveys and analysed using various statistical tests. The results provide insights into the social and behavioural determinants of alcohol and drug use among university students. 

image 10.4303/JDAR/236258

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