Ethanolic Leaf Extract of Moringa Oleifera A Potential Agent For Treatment Of Hemorrhoids: And Its Evaluation in Croton Oil Induced Hemorrhoidal Rats

Author(s): Sai Krishna Nallajerla* and Suhasin Ganta


Hemorrhoids are gastro intestinal disorders associated with engorged venous cushions in the anal canal. Protrusion of anal cushions, rectal bleeding, irritation, and mucus discharge from the anus are the major symptoms of the disease. Inflammation remains to be one of the pathogenic mechanisms for the development of disease. Hence, in the present study, the ethanolic leaf extract of Moringa oleifera (ELEMO) in two different doses, 200 mg/kg/ir and 400 mg/kg/ir, was evaluated for its anti-inflammatory mediated anti-hemorrhoidal effect in croton oil induced hemorrhoidal rats. The study results revealed that intra rectal application of croton oil preparation in albino rats induces hemorrhoids by the elevation of serum pro-inflammatory cytokines, TNF-α, and IL-6 in group-II positive control animals. Whereas, ELEMO treatment in group IV and V animals revealed a dose dependent reduction of serum TNF-α and IL-6 along, with a significant reduction of EB dye extravasation in this group animals. Plant extract in the research was also showed a significant effect on Recto anal coefficient of experimental rats. Further, histopathological studies carried out on recto anal tissues of experimental animals revealed protective nature of ELEMO on hemorrhoid markers.

image 10.4303/jdar/236189

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