Drug Abuse: The Role of Media in Framing Indonesian Celebrity Cases

Author(s): Teguh Dwi Putranto and Daniel Susilo*


Background: The number of drug abuse cases in Indonesia in 2022 reached 851 cases. This number continues to increase from year to year, so this is a problem that has not been resolved by the government. Dependence on drugs both physically and psychologically if it lasts a long time can lead to a very large addiction. This activity does not only target one particular group in Indonesia, but has targeted all circles, including Indonesian celebrities. This research seeks to explore the framing process of online media in reporting drug abuse by Indonesian celebrities

Methods: The approach used in this study is qualitative, with Entman framing analysis method through the online news during the 2022 period on Kompas.com.

Results: Framing analysis of news articles on drug cases of 10 Indonesian celebrities in 2022 reveals how the media frames issues of drug use and possession. Analysis of news articles from the perspective of journalism and communication studies provides insight into the framing of issues and how these issues are presented to the public.

Conclusion: The negative framing of celebrities and drugs in the news media is a pervasive and persistent issue that reinforces negative stereotypes about drug use and addiction.

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