Review Article - Journal of Drug and Alcohol Research ( 2021) Volume 10, Issue 4

Relno Situation Foreign Economic Relations and Geopolitical Perspective Azerbaijan

Z.H.Aliyev* and Dr.D.I.Allaxverdiyev
1Institute of Soil Science and Agrochemistry of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan
*Corresponding Author:
Professor. Z.H.Aliyev, Institute of Soil Science and Agrochemistry of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan, Email:

Received: 11-Apr-2021;Accepted Date: Apr 26, 2021; Published: 04-May-2021


The purpose of research is to identify the prospects for foreign economic relations and sustainable development of the geopolitical interests of the world, an increase in foreign investment, the development of competitive national wealth, disclosure and recreate the real picture of foreign economic relations. Given the increase in the rate of development of diplomatic and economic relations between the countries of the world determines the need for the creation of new forms of foreign economic relations of Azerbaijan.


With the development of economic relations between the diplomatic and the creation of new forms of external connection purpose of economic relations between the countries of the world becomes necessary.

The economic growth of each country largely depends on the level of their foreign economic relations. At the same time, foreign economic relations depend on the nature of the world geopolitical environment. No country, even the powerful can not develop for its part of the economyat the appropriate level. [one]. At the same time, external economic relations, the history of mankind to reach the current situation was very difficult road. Thus, the development of society, social community, slavery, feudalism, capitalism has entered the modern world through the stages.

Policy mismatch

If something happens, it is also thought so. [five]. However, some economists have contradictory opinions, arguing that Theodore Roosevelt in 1907 to the US Congress, said that “natural resources, ill-conceived, irrational and ill-use, operation as a result of their destruction, leading the world to destruction leads and so prosperous development our economy, and is the cause of sustainable artımaına exposure over time, adverse effects on future generations, “he said. Theodore Roosevelt approach to the controversial event in his denial of the facts minded economic ideas A.Marsala. However, A.Marsal prefers to look to the approach of the psychological development of the subjective aspects and it was proved to the world economic system.

One theory put forward in the field of international economic relations A.Smitin “absolute advantage theory” is.

Attaching great importance to the principle of comparative costs and benefits of international trade according A.Smitina, it is the international division of labor and specialization, as well as international trade in the global economy through the development of individual countries become richer; closed countries in the world economy and international trade, refusing to be more profitable. Compared with other countries, which is the highest of any commercial quality can be sure to produce cheaper, then this country, it was considered appropriate to the specialization in the production of goods. Goods not necessarily what advantage in the production and export of the country, he said it is limited development. [6]

It is these principles of effective economic relations yavlyaischemsya one of the main conditions for ensuring economic and social progress.

Statistical analysis in the context of globalization in 200 countries shows that this is an objective process. Nevertheless, the geopolitical advantages after the Second World War, the world’s leading countries, the United States began to penetrate into the Russian-Turkish relations and economic competition plays an important role in the development of foreign policy and economic relations. In 1947, with the participation of 23 countries, including the United States of the GATT (General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade) - The signing of the General Agreement on Tariffs and economic ties with the world’s economic and political relations between the important and productive period. [4] At the same time, Heydar Aliyev in the development of foreign economic relations of our country’s integration into the world economy in the years 1970-1985 is an important step in the description of the development, he said,

В the end of the last century, the collapse of the Soviet Union, the socialist system has failed and led to the end of the formation of a new world order. Newly independent country at the time, as in other areas of foreign and economic policy was a mess. National leader of Azerbaijan Heydar Aliyev has started a new era in the history of foreign economic relations in the country. As a result of its serious efforts to change the situation in the region and around the world about the positive change was possible.

Chapter successive visits to foreign countries, representatives of international organizations, meetings, thanks to a successful diplomatic activity even when exposed to the pressure force of the Armenian aggression against Azerbaijan, socio-economic situation in the country and said the world community the truth about the economic potential. [3] Of the Commonwealth of Independent States was one of the first steps in this direction. At the organization of former Soviet republics worked consistently to strengthen bilateral and multilateral relations. in the field of the economy, trade and cultural cooperation were highlighted. [2]

Azerbaijan attaches great importance to the development of foreign economic relations of cooperation with Russia. Strengthening of friendly relations between the two countries and plays a special role of national leader Heydar Aliyev.

В the world’s most powerful country and is constantly on the rise in building relations with the US in the development of the Heydar Aliyev invaluable services. Independent Azerbaijan and the two countries established diplomatic relations in 1992. But this is only the first step. This is the way forward, a number of questions to clarify, expand, confidence, trust, work hard to represent Azerbaijan, Big Show diplomatic activity is required. [3]

В Therefore, 1994 was a turning point in relations between Azerbaijan and the West. Thus, Azerbaijan, and economic cooperation with our country, its problems, there was interest in the geopolitical significance of it. This interest of the United States expressed the fact that recognizing the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan, it became an ally of the solution of conflicts through peaceful means of settlement. Thus, Azerbaijan, and economic cooperation with our country and its problems, had an interest in geopolitical importance. In a short time as a result of Heydar Aliyev focused foreign policy the most influential countries -USA, Russia, Egypt, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, etc. have built a strong external economic relations with Azerbaijan.

Today, our country goes through transport corridors North-South and East-West, as well as the strengthening of cooperation in the sphere of foreign economic relations and bring economic benefits to both countries. We are also in the neighboring countries of the CIS member states will be able to carry out projects in the future. Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration Novruz Mammadov said in an interview that the former Soviet Union is difficult to find a second in such a balanced attitude of the country, which is to maintain its stability for 25 years. It was created by the great leader Heydar Aliyev and continued by President Ilham Aliyev. The basis of domestic and foreign policy of the country is strong. Despite the difficult geographical location in the region, have been made to establish relations in all areas and is able to keep her in the future.

Major powers want to gain credibility in the world, small countries should resolve disputes fairly. It also gives them a strong confidence in our credibility. The question of the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan should be reflected in all documents. Nevertheless, I regret those who accuse the country to use all the features. Our position is very clear. Who is the aggressor and who is the victim of aggression is enough to look at the map regiona. Poetomu, as you know, the world is not only among equals becomes more stable. On the «V Baku International Humanitarian Forum, a society in which the direction of movement, to understand world-class place,” the head of the Presidential Administration, academician Ramiz Mehdiyev, said that internationalism and humanism, progress, civilization, traditions and of course [3].

The structure of the economy of Azerbaijan during the Soviet Union meet the needs of the national economy, and it was a situation that could not realize the benefits of the international division of labor. However, the former republics were formed in 1991-1994, as well as between enterprises, production and economic relations and trade surplus steel production cooperatives destroyed quickly fell.

В However, this process has reduced the volume of imports and exports by the end of 1997 on the import, export volume to the third quarter of 1999 continued the same. This process also extends to other areas of foreign economic relations. Thus, for the rapid development of foreign economic relations and progress in a number of areas should be vosstanovleno.V the same time, the expansion of foreign economic relations of the country’s political and economic influence in the world, growing success in all sectors of the economy, provides for trimming. In addition, in 2016 the Seventh Global Forum of the UN Alliance of Civilizations, and influential countries in the world, is a member of the organization and develop bilateral and multilateral cooperation in the economic and geopolitical prospects of the country.

Analyzes, as seen little difference in the growth rates of foreign economic relations between the two countries in the long run this creates differences in the level of economic development. For example, the average annual rate of economic growth in the years 1870-1985 in the US, 1.83%, 1.23%, while the UK was.

Economic growth, which led him to a small difference in 115 years, GDP per capita in the US than it was 62% in the UK. to give 2-fold increase in GDP in the United States with 40, 67 in the UK. However, foreign trade country communication sharply increased as the table below, clearly visible.

2015 1.8 per cent of gross domestic product, compared with the previous year amounted to 52.2 billion pounds produced in the country. GDP per capita was US $ 5003.2 pounds. 35.3 billion worth of non-oil sector of the economy, with value-added products, its share in GDP increased from 69.3 per cent. During this period, 33.93 percent of the gross domestic product in industry, trade 10 percent, 6.23 percent in agriculture, 19.31 percent were obtained in other areas. Net taxes on products and imports 8.19 percent of GDP.

January-November 2015 foreign trade turnover of 18.0 billion. US dollars, including exports of $ 10.6 billion. $ 8.2 billion dollars, while imports. With $ 2.3 billion. Positive US trade balance.

CIS countries, Kazakhstan, 20 percent, 31 percent in Georgia, Armenia and the Russian Federation, 45 per cent to 18.0, but the economic measures taken by the above-mentioned countries, the devaluation took an average of 15 percent. In recent months there has been and increase in the share of money supply in the country devaluation. The reason for this reduction of the manat against the US dollar. However, the above-mentioned currencies have stabilized after the devaluation. However, in the present circumstances the leader Ilham Aliyev’s policy to create a strong economy, strengthening of the economic potential, the foreign exchange rate in order to maintain stability and create jobs, while at the same time, focused on improving people’s welfare. (4str.27)He is very well, that the socio-economic development of the country and the first to develop the concept of economic relations and economic opportunities, primarily in various social layers of the population and its values, interests, traditions and aspirations should be carefully thought he knew. Most of the developed countries in the modern world, such a thing is definitely in people, but not for the economy, the economy of people.Currently, developed countries, sustainable economic development, the structure, quantity and quality of human well-being as the goal, to enrich improve the quality of life of the vehicle regarded as essential for the development of human potential on a regular basis. Thus, the developed countries in the world compared with other areas in the Account allocated to human potential are considered more effective. Measures taken by the state plays an important role in the development of foreign economic relations. External economic relations, import-export; Specialization of production at the international level; exchange of scientific and technological activities and their consequences; investments; Labor migration; tourism; participate the activities of international economic organizations; It includes state regulation of the economy and other issues. National Leader noted that “in all countries, on an equal footing with Turkey, Iran and neighboring Georgia, Russia and the United States and the West, with Arab countries, Muslim countries and the Turkic states and the countries of Central Asia, must have connections” .Kurs foreign economic relations of the country affects the welfare of the population. Mr. President Ilham Aliyev noted that Azerbaijani citizens support our policy aims to support our policy and see that there is no alternative to our policy.

An alternative policy would be a disaster, it can take in the abyss.

Our policy is to support the people in a referendum, “Yes,” he said. According to the trust and support of the people of Azerbaijan, I would like to thank them once again. [2] According to Mr. President Ilham Aliyev, the current position of the external economic relations are different. I have repeatedly said that we live in an era postneft. However, after several years of very large volumes of natural gas to be exported to the world market and the inflow of foreign currency will increase. But we live in a way that postneft period, and in this case, of course, serious economic reforms were being carried out. Promotion of exports and investment are very large discounts. It is expanding in all areas of reform, transparency should be ensured. In this case, we must completely eliminate dependence on oil.

For several years, the state budget should be provided the vast majority of non-oil sector. Azerbaijan hosts international events that attract worldwide attention. For example, this year the Seventh Global Forum of the UN Alliance of Civilizations. Worldwide event. Of course, Formula 1 race has a special place in the promotion of our country.

Analyzing the relation becomes apparent that the volume of trade with the countries of the world for over 10 years, 10.9 times and 15.2 times, including import and export 5.1. During the same period, imports exceeded exports. The balance of 239.1 million. 21,500.0 million. dollars increased. Observed increase in turnover. Advances in the field of geography and foreign trade structure was advancing. It was written from the statistical data 2000-2015 gg, During this period, all with the countries of Asia, 17.1 times, America, v150,1 times, Africa and Oceania countries 322.7 71.0 times exceeded. The import and export processing zones, the establishment of trade relations between geographical regions, the dynamic changes. [7].

President Ilham Aliyev at a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers dedicated to discussing rezulty socio-economic development of the regions of the country 9 months of 2016 and the upcoming said: “... We get new partners around the world, and we see that there is great interest in the world to cooperate with Azerbaijan in the field of non-traditional for our continent. Especially here in Latin America. We build very good relations with the countries of Latin America, and we see that these relations are very sincere. Mutual respect, based on the interest and friendship. Relations with each country should be based on these principles. We have repeatedly stated this.“

Analysis of the data, as shown in our country, as in other areas of drastic measures have been implemented in the direction of expansion of foreign economic relations. Thus, the republic in 1991 82, 1992 64, 1995-69 godah122 in 2000, 135 in 2005, 14 in 2006 and currently has 158 national and foreign economic relations.

Import-export operations in Azerbaijan in 2015. The analysis of the relevant materials were carried out unilaterally by the Republic of import operations with 43 countries (154.805 million dollars.)

Export operations with 10 countries 1326.0 thousand dollars, respectively). Import and export operations in 96 countries (bilateral) (363,100,599,000 dollars were equal.

The study shows that the improvement in the structure of export and import operations expansion of foreign economic relations.


All of the above once again confirms that the foreign economic relations of Azerbaijan is built with all countries worldwide operating and developing in this area of activity.

Foreign economic relations of Azerbaijan Azerbaijan in January-September 2016, individuals and legal entities in 174 countries around the world conducted trade operations with partners from 103 countries of import and export of goods, 158 were imported into the country.

All these factors lead to the country’s growing influence in the world of international relations. I think that the achievements in the field of foreign economic relations of our country in the international arena, increase its role in the new world order, shows that Azerbaijan is on the right track.