Abstract - Journal of Drug and Alcohol Research ( 2021) Volume 10, Issue 5

Importance of Cap Tikus in the lives of Minahasa People

Elfi Mingkid

Received: 14-May-2021;Accepted Date: Jun 01, 2021; Published: 08-Jun-2021


This is the keen observation of my research from Minahasa people and their importance towards Cap Tiku’s in the daily life. People in satisfying their requirements of life should do action in their financial aspects, which incorporates fields that relate straight forwardly to nature, like horticulture, fisheries, mining, craftsman’s, thus endeavors are refined by individuals Minahasa prompted the progressions in the arrangement of connections or life social.

Elements climate as a component of outer are not straightforwardly likewise been influencing the movement of the economy that has set off the development of the improvement exertion with the presence of authorities saguer and Cap Tikus.

At the point when we go to the place where there is Minahasa all in all, we will discover slows down that sell Cap Tikus. A large portion of the town prior to eating more prior to taking Cap Tikus with reason to eat a great deal. Cap Tikus drinks have been known for a long time in the Land of Minahasa. Undoubtedly there is no exact record when Cap Tikus started to show up in the depository of Minahasa culture. Nonetheless, every resident Minahasa when discussing Cap Tikus will name that drinks it started to be known since the grandma predecessor them. Through the Cap Tikus, The image that we get is a culture.