Short Communication - Journal of Drug and Alcohol Research ( 2021) Volume 10, Issue 8

Are Rumors more Dangerous than Covid-19 Pandemic?

Fatemeh Rezaei* and Ali Mohajervatan
1Department of Health in Emergencies and Disasters, Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, Iran
*Corresponding Author:
Fatemeh Rezaei, Department of Health in Emergencies and Disasters, Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, Iran, Email:

Received: 04-Aug-2021;Accepted Date: Aug 18, 2021; Published: 25-Aug-2021

Short Communication

Unexpected events with disastrous impacts substantially reduce communities’ capabilities from responding to needs and demands [1]. The consequences of events adversely affect human life and health [2]. Undoubtedly, the covid-19 pandemic should be considered as one of the most important events of the last century in Iran and worldwide. As the use of national and global experiences for controlling the pandemic is imperative, the more practical solutions can be achieved to reduce consequences. However, adapting the global experiences to Iran’s society is very difficult and time consuming. Besides, authorities should provide sufficient knowledge and information to deal with future events [3].

The pandemic has created an ambiguous situation in which unreliable, inaccurate, and incomplete information is flowing through the community. Therefore, as more panic and anxiety dominate a community, false and unrealistic information disseminate faster and this phenomenon called rumor [4,5]. Societies use rumors as a mechanism to deal with ambiguous situations like crisis and disasters [6]. Besides, attitudes of communities could spread a state of panic, especially if health managers were inexperienced in a pandemic. Prevention of rumors must be addressed by leading to active and conscious behavior in a community [4].

Rumors during the COVID-19 epidemic in Iran have caused alternative treatments and the misuse of disinfectants that have had very detrimental effects on people’s health. The widespread rumors of drinking pure alcohol to prevent covid-19 morbidity have resulted in serious harm to human health, especially when people are deprived of precise information and use social media as reliable sources of information. Therefore health staff has been faced with more dangerous cases than coronavirus. According to the statistics of the Ministry of Health, in Iran, 3117 people have been poisoned due to the consumption of counterfeit alcoholic products, 1066 cases have been hospitalized of which 73 individuals are in Intensive Care Units (ICU), and 62 people became blind or lost their vision. So far, 284 people have needed dialysis services due to kidney problems, and 320 have died. Therefore, about 10.3 percent of those poisoned have died from fake or industrial alcohol use, which is higher than the COVID-19 death rate.

The impact of rumors on mental health in the epidemic disasters seems to have been overlooked and can make it more dangerous than the COVID-19 pandemic. Experiences in Iran show accountable officials should be sensible to prevent and manage rumors as they can play an important role in integrating epidemic management activities at all hierarchy levels.

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