Unravelling the Impact of Alcohol Use on College Students' Educational Success: A Systematic analysis

Author(s): Madhavi Sripathi, T.S. Leelavati, P. Varaprasad Goud, C. Kavitha, M. Vijay Kumar, B. Lakshmi and Shaik Aminabee*


In recent years, the impact of alcohol use on the academic performance of college students has been a subject of growing concern. This systematic meta-analysis aims to unravel the nuanced relationship between alcohol consumption and educational success, providing a comprehensive synthesis of current research findings. This study delves into the connection between alcohol consumption and diverse educational results. An extensive data analysis spanning 16 states examines how alcohol use among children aged 11 to 15 correlates with their academic performance and assesses the disparities among these states. Additionally, a longitudinal analysis delves into the potential causal relationship between alcohol use and both educational achievement and attainment across 16 states. This study also delves into the wider consequences of the connection between alcohol and educational outcomes, considering the effects on individuals and the economy.

image 10.4303/JDAR/236283

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