The Policy and Supervision by Government of Circulation Alcoholic Beverages in East Java, Indonesia

Author(s): Rr. Herini Siti Aisyah, Heru Irianto*, M Saleh, Tatiek Djatmiati and Minola Sebayang


This paper aims to explain the policy of the East Java Province government in controlling and supervising the circulation of alcoholic beverages. The method of this study conducted with literature, statute, and court decision review. The results found in the policy of control and supervision of the circulation of beverages are carried out through licensing instruments for retailers and providing recommendations for distributors and distribution of circulars on every domestic product distributed by distributors, sub-distributors, retailers and sellers directly. Anyone who violates licensing provisions that may be subject to criminal prohibitions. This paper concludes that the licensing policies, giving recommendations, and circulating business cards in the United States as regulated in legislation

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