The Nexus between Ramifications of Alcohol Abuse and Work Productivity (The Case of East London 2020 Research Study Participants)

Author(s): Samkelo Bala* and M. Kang'ethe


Unequivocally, a global increase and normalisation of the culture of alcohol consumption in the workplace has multiple ramifications on occupational productivity. A qualitative paradigm was used to explore and describe the nexus between ramifications of alcohol abuse and occupational work productivity. In-depth interviews and focus group discussion were conducted among 26 participants from business entities, government, and non-governmental organisations. The findings revealed that: alcohol abuse normalises an unethical code of behaviours in the workplace, alcohol consumption undermines workers’ morale and motivation, and undermines their pace and capacity to deliver their services. It also increases their chances of occupational hazards. This study recommends proactive strategies by the business entities and government in order to address workers’ occupational productivity of the organisations.

image 10.4303/jdar/236172

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