The Motive of Using Dumolid among Indonesian Artists

Author(s): Redi Panuju


This article describes and analyzes the motives for using Dumolid among Indonesian artists. The National Narcotics Agency (BNN) classifies Dumolid as Group IV Psychotropic substances containing nitrazepam. This type of sedative hypnotic drug is commonly used as a medication for depression or mild stress or to be a sedative. Because of that Dumolid is included as a substance that was forbidden to use. The research method used is an observation technique on online media that reports the arrest of Indonesian artists for their involvement in drug abuse. The analysis technique used is discourse analysis which focuses on statements, acknowledgments, and evidence published in text form. In conclusion, the main motive of Indonesian artists to use Dumolid is achievement motives, namely the drive to be able to have all job opportunities. Continuous work demands result in decreased stamina. To overcome this decreased stamina, they use Dumolid. Initially this drug was used by doctors to treat insomnia. The second motive is an affiliate motive, which is to use Dumolid to be accepted in their environment. This study also found motives for power by artists whose position as dealers (asides being users). The artist gets information about Dumolid from their association and gets their items from their association. The three motives above are interrelated to encourage the artist to consume Dumolid

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