The Cultural Value of the Minahasa People about Liquor "Cap Tikus"

Author(s): Maria Heny Pratiknjo* and Rully Mambo


The Minahasa is a tribe that has habits in the northeastern part of the peninsula of North Sulawesi. Cap Tikus has known for a long time in the Land of Minahasa. From the various sources that the author explores, there is no accurate record when Cap Tikus began to appear in the treasures of the Minahasa culture since losing. Cap Tikus is a type of liquid with high alcohol content on average 40 to 70 percent. Based on the data existing, in North Sulawesi, there is about 62.421 hectares of land, where Seho tree was used as a raw material for Liquor “Cap Tikus”. In this study we have used a descriptive qualitative approach.

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