Technologies: Additions of the New Society, Perception and Attitude of the Student, Interdisciplinary study

Author(s): Fatima Llamas-Salguero*, Yolanda Deocano, Mari­a Jose Flores-Tena and Silvia Pradas-Montilla


The use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) is increasing among young people, which increases the risk of digital addictions. For this reason, it is necessary to favor a positive attitude that promotes its safe and critical use and allows avoiding negative consequences that, at the health level, can cause an excessive use of technologies. This makes it necessary for the educational field to intervene. This research article analyzes how a positive attitude is promoted in Primary Education centers through the use of ICT and offers an approach to the digital perception that students have. In this study, the survey method is used, using a questionnaire as an instrument. In general and in view of the results obtained by descriptive e inferential analysis, it is concluded that the use of ICT in the classroom will depend largely on the student’s inclination with ICT. That fact is contributed by the knowledge of the technologies themselves and their use by teachers and students. This can be observed in the sixth grade students of Primary Education (PE) that does not have a negative attitude to ICT so that the implementation of ICT and their effective use would be advisable for the teaching learning process.

image 10.4303/jdar/236187

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