Teaching Competency of Teachers for Curbing Drug and Substance Abuse (DSA) in Malaysian Secondary Schools

Author(s): Ciptro Handrianto, Ahmad Jazimin Jusoh*, Pauline Swee Choo Goh, Nazre Abdul Rashid, Azizi Abdullah and M. Arinal Rahman


Teachers play a significant role in curbing Drug and Substance Abuse (DSA) because they spend much of their time with students in school. The teaching competency of teachers is needed in drug and substance abuse prevention. Some studies found that the school teachers still have lack knowledge to talk about DSA in their classroom and school environment. It is assumed that the problems are related to the teaching competency of teachers. This paper aims to discuss the role of teaching competency of teachers for curbing DSA in Malaysian secondary schools. The methodology used in this study is a conceptual approach, which involves conducting literature research and critical thinking to develop a hypothetical concept. This paper has classified the teaching competency for curbing DSA into abilities of teachers to (1) Set up teaching planning (2) Curriculum (3) Pedagogical knowledge (4) Learning strategies (5) Classroom environment and (6) Social approach. These competencies help teachers implement a learning situation in which the students enjoy with their class and have commitment to avoiding drug abuse in their lives. Thus, this study recommends that the government consider the classroom drug policy to eradicate drug abuse comprehensively. The government can release the guideline for teaching competencies of classroom teachers in certain subjects for curbing DSA and develop the rubrics for measuring Malaysian secondary school teachers’ teaching competency

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