Subculture of Paguyuban Ngunjuk Ciu (Pangunci): A Critical Analysis of Ciu Drinkers? Social Reality in Surakarta

Author(s): Yusana Sasanti Dadtun*, Warto, Susanto and Titis Srimuda Pitana


Ciu is a 35%-45% alcoholic beverage traditionally distilled from the first fermented molasses. It is produced in the Bekonang District, Soerakarta Residentie. Ciu performs a variety of services for the people of Surakarta, including rituals, stamina, herbal medicine, and social solidarity. PANGUNCI, a non-formal community of Ciu drinkers spread through-
out Surakarta, is a community of Ciu drinkers. This is a qualitative study which focuses on the depth of information by delving into the meaning behind the signs. In depth interviews with Ciu drinkers, the community and various parties involved in it. This study found that Pangunci is a Ciu drinker subculture. There are three types of Ciu drinkers in Surakarta; one is Pangunci inside the Surakarta Palace, the other is Pangunci outside the Palace, and Ciu drinkers outside the Pangunci community. The Pangunci subculture has a drinking style that is distinct from that of Ciu drinkers outside their community associated with drunkenness and social dysfunction in the general public. This is a distinct identity that sets the community apart from other Ciu drinkers. The riots outside the Pangunci community have tarnished the image of the Ciu connoisseur community as an elegant community, according to the community. The Pangunci community created this image in order to maintain aesthetic control mong its members. They despise Ciu drinkers who are unable to control
themselves while drinking Ciu, even leading to social unrest as a means of releasing social burdens.

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