Study of Optimal Growth Parameter of Malassezia furfur MTCC 1374 and Screening for Lipid Media Enhancing Optimal Growth Phases

Author(s): Rangasamy Dhanablan*, Tehzeeb, Irfan Ali Mohammed, Abinaya Aruchamy and Kumaresan Manibharathi


The lipophilic unicellular yeast Malassezia furfur MTCC 1374 was studied for its growth parameters such as pH, Temperature, and Incubation time in days. The growth media was formulated with four lipid substrates to obtain four different lipid media such as M.furfur Corn oil media (MfCM), M.furfur Coconut oil media (MfCcM), M.furfur Ghee media (MfGM) and M.furfur Olive oil media (MfOM). The MfGM promoted moral growth of M.furfur when subject to different pH (4.0, 4.5, 5.0, 5.6 and 6), temperature ranging from 20°C to 45°C and incubation period from Day 0 to Day 20. In the entire M.furfur growth phase the stationary phase was observed from Day13 to Day16 in the MfGM under the favorable parameters of pH 5.6 and temperature 37°C. The stationary phase of the yeast M.furfur was observed for its enduring period. The range of optimum parameters promoting M.furfur upright growth was found to be the condition comparable to the human skin pH 5.5-5.6 as well as temperature 36°C-37°C. Other lipid Medias also favored fair growth with different stationary phase but not up to the level of MfGM.

image 10.4303/jdar/236179

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