Smoking Habits in Hajj: A Cross-sectional Study on 464 Pilgrims in Makkah, 2017_1438H

Author(s): Sultan Aldahash, Shady Abdelrahman Kamel, Amal M. Al-Nafisi, Faleh D. Alshakarh, Ghada Mohammed Bin Saleh and Abdulaziz Aljurayyan


Aim: To identify the effects of Hajj on smoking and evaluate various parameters that affect smoking habits.

Method: The prevalence of smoking was estimated among pilgrims by quantitative, descriptive, observational, cross-sectional analysis during Hajj days in the Mena area, Makkah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Questionnaire obtained from a published study was revised and used for this study after complete ethical considerations and approval from the required departments.

Result: The results indicated that during Hajj, the number of cigarettes smoked were reduced or remained same as during non-Hajj days. There were more smokers among the married and highly educated class of people. It was also found that the majority of smokers were from Indonesia, whereas majority of ex-smokers were from Egypt.

Conclusion: It can be concluded that a religious visit to Makkah during Hajj can help in the reduction and management of smoking.

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