Re-Examining Healthy Lifestyle among Young People: Implementing the Strategic Action Plan to Reduce Smoking and Control Smoking Related Non-Communicable Diseases

Author(s): F. Adeosun* and L. Roets


Background: Some young people develop smoking habit which is classified as a risk factor for non-communicable diseases by World Health Organization (WHO) and pose a danger to their health. This study aimed to develop a strategic action plan that can be implemented to reduce smoking and control smoking related non-communicable disease.

Methods: The study adopted a mixed methods design. 384 young people were selected from South-West Nigeria while 25 experts were selected for the Delphi exercise that was used to validate the strategic action plan with stakeholders in phase two.

Results: 50.5% of respondents smoked tobacco while 45.1% smoked substances other than tobacco. Of great concern was that 91.2% of respondents who smoked admitted to smoking before breakfast within the past 30 days. 68.1% of young smoker are not willing to quit smoking despite their knowledge on the risks associated with smoking.

Conclusion: Urgent response to young people’s lifestyle by developing/ implementing a strategic action plan that can reduce smoking and reverse the tragedy that may be posed by smoking related non-communicable diseases is recommended.

image 10.4303/jdar/236167

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