Protection of Human Rights for Narcotics Users: A Critique of the Use of Criminal Sanctions in Efforts to Eradicate the Spread of Narcotics in Indonesia

Author(s): Teddy Asmara*, Setia Untung Arimuladi and Yos Johan Utama


The concept of sanctions in the Narcotics Law is the imposition of sanc- tions that focus on retaliation; this can be seen in regulating the types of hefty criminal sanctions against the perpetrators of narcotics crimes. The imposition of criminal sanctions in the Narcotics Law is imposed on us- ers, dealers and producers. With the concept of penal sanctions that are monistic, the penalty hurts physically really enjoy, like a sentence. Prison apart from the concept of deterrence of retaliation, in the Narcotics Law, the penalties for narcotics users and Narcotics traffickers are the same. The imposition of the same sentence resulted in human rights violations for narcotics users because narcotics users should be prioritized to get Reha- bilitation rather than imprisonment. Forms of violations of human rights violations in the Narcotics Law, namely the right to live and the right to health for narcotics users in Indonesia.

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