Legal Protection of Citizens: The Alcoholic Beverages in Licensing,Taxation, and Supervision in Indonesia

Author(s): Herini Siti Aisyah, Ahmad Munir, Rizky Putra Zulkarnain*, Tatiek Sri Djatmiati, Muhammad Mazhuri and Heru Irianto


Superior human resources are a form of guarantee of a good and healthy environment. To realize this guarantee there must be rules regarding the consumption of drinks alcohol because it can impact health and social losses. Abuse alcoholic drinks result in death events as well as disrupt security environment. The opposite is the legality of alcoholic drinks and rules on prohibiting alcoholic drinks. This study intends to discuss that “what is the form of collateral legal protection of citizens for alcoholic drinks in Indonesia”. This study uses a normative research method, through a regulatory approach legislation and conceptual approach related to citizen protection country against alcoholic drinks. The form of legal protection will be examined in terms of licensing, taxation, and supervision of alcoholic drinks.

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