Interpretation of the Emergence of Type 1 Diabetes in Patients with Covid-19

Author(s): Walaa Fikry Elbossaty*


Sudden emergence of the Covid-19 virus has led to a state of panic among the responsible sections and among the citizens, just like any new virus, and this state of panic arises from the lack of knowledge of the genetic makeup of the virus, its symptoms, methods of spread, the diseases that help to spread it, the people most vulnerable to infection. This has prompt- ed the authorities responsible for scientific research in all countries, whether Arab or European, to intensify efforts to uncover the mystery of this new virus, and communication channels has been opened between all countries to benefit from the results that have been reached. Most of the studies have collected some Covid-19 infected people who were diag- nosed with diabetes type 1, with different ages, geographical diversity and standard of living. All this prompted scientists to investigate the reason behind this link between Covid-19 and type 1 diabetes, and some of them explained that Covid-19 virus enters cells through ACE2 which present in high amount in cells of the pancreas, so they explained that virus enters the pancreas through it and affects the beta cells responsible for the secretion of insulin, and then it prevents its secretion, caused hyperglycemia, caus- ing type 1 diabetes. Others scientists have explained that the relationship arises through the drugs that patients with Covid-19 virus take, as it was found that these patients are treated by anti-virus, Glucocorticoids, and this group works to reduce the effect of insulin and increase the level of glucose, which causes it to rise in the blood and cause diabetes type 1. This review is designed to study the relationship between Covid-19 virus and diabetes type 1.

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