Factors Related To Alcohol Consumption Among Motorcycle Riders In Chiang Rai Province, Thailand

Author(s): Watcharapong ruankham and Narongsak noosorn*


The research aimed to assess and identify factors affecting alcohol drinking behaviours among motorcycle riders in Chiang Rai province, Thailand. Multi-stage sampling was used to recruit 320 motorcycle riders aged 20-59 years who have ever drunk alcohol. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistic such as frequency, percentage and multiple regression was used to predict factors affecting alcohol drinking behaviours. The research finding revealed that nearly one-third (32.8%) of the participants were hazardous drinkers, 15.6% were alcohol dependent and 11.9% were harmful drinkers. The Four factors significantly associated with alcohol drinking behaviors were drinking alcohol with meal, alcohol craving, refusal to drink behavior and social supports for reducing alcohol drinking (p<0.05).

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