Efforts to Prevent Drugs Abuse Among Youth in Islamic Family Law Perspective

Author(s): Dri Santoso*


Introduction: In dealing with the drug problem, Islamic Law offers a “sig- nificant solution” for improving the condition of humanity, protecting, and saving them from destruction and destruction, guiding people from mis- guidance, keeping people away from immoral acts, and motivating people to do good, preventing humans from deviating from the straight path.
Research objectives: This study aims to analyze the eradication of drugs from the perspective of Islamic Family Law.
Research Methods: This study uses a normative juridical approach as well as descriptive-analytical research specifications.
Conclusion: The results showed that Ulama agreed to forbid narcotics ex- cept in an emergency, both intoxicating and non-intoxicating. According to Islamic Family Law, children are born in a holy state and choose mono- theism which must be guided, nurtured, and developed from the child from the time he is in the womb to adulthood so that the child has a solid educational provision to deal with various situations and any conditions so that it is difficult to fall into negative things such as drugs.

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