Neuroprotective Effect of Selected Phytocandidates against Neurotoxicity Induced Human Neuroblastoma PC-12 and SHSY5Y Cell Lines ? An In Vitro Model for Brain Aging

Author(s): Swathi Nalla* and Suhasin Ganta


Brain aging is a neurodegenerative disease, which is correlated with cognitive decline, dementia, and loss of locomotor activity due to changes in the pathophysiological process of the brain. Neurodegeneration is mainly due to excess generation of Reactive oxygen species in the brain, which affects the organelles of Mitochondria formation of amyloid-β plaques due to the aggregation of amyloid-β proteins in the brain. Statistics state that almost 46.8 million people are affected by this disease at the age of ≥ 65 years. It increases the implications on worldwide medical management. The outset of neurodegeneration was procrastinated and averted by the use of natural compounds which exerts anti-oxidant activity and neuroprotection.

image 10.4303/jdar/236199

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