Conversations for Change: Grassroots Effort to Reduce Overdose and Deaths Related to Opioids

Author(s): Mary J. Huber*, Jordan Umphrey, Emily Surico, Jan Lepore-Jentleson and Brian Johns


Aims: A wide coalition of community institutions and groups led by the Dayton Police Department and East End Community Services (a neighborhood based social service organization), created a communitybased opioid harm reduction program that uses evidence-based practices (EBP) to assist individuals, their family, and their friends to find local resources and support for their treatment and recovery. The program, called Conversations for Change (C4C), is a non-enforcement program focusing on opioid education and caring recovery for both the individual and their families was created.

Design/intervention: The essence of the brief intervention included individuals addicted to opioids and their families being invited to a 2-hour event that utilized peers in recovery, community partners specialized in drug addiction, and mediators trained in motivational interviewing techniques. Also, training in administering Naloxone is provided as well as a free kit.

Participants: Results were collected from 204 participants

Results: Findings indicate 99% satisfaction with the events and receiving the free kits and talking with someone about their recovery were the major reasons for attending.

Conclusion: Recently, C4C received national coverage and credited with aiding in reducing overdoses and deaths in Dayton. Events similar to C4C are suggested in other communities.

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