Consumption of Illegal Community Distilled Liquor among Workers in a Rural Area of Thailand

Author(s): Theeraphon Lopradit and Narongsak noosorn*


This research investigated the forms and motives behind the consumption of illegally smuggled community distilled liquor among Thai workers located within a rural area of Thailand. The sample group consisted of 12 people who consumed illegal community distilled liquor in Sukhothai; an area where there is high consumption rate of illegal community distilled liquor. Snowball sampling was used to randomize the sample and in-depth interviews and content analysis was used to analyze the data. The results showed that the age of consuming first alcoholic drink, first drinking experience, the current purpose of drinking alcohol, taste, and alcohol tolerance, were all predisposing factors which caused people in Sukhothai to consume illegally distilled community liquor. The enabling factors, which led people in Sukhothai to consume the illegally distilled liquor included the compliance with a reference group, community way of life, tradition, and the beliefs of the people in the community. The reinforcing factors, which caused people in Sukhothai to consume illegal community distilled liquor, were price, distribution channels, illegal community distilled liquor, and the promotion of illegal community distilled liquor.

Recommendation: All relevant sectors should educate working people in areas of high illegal community distilled liquor consumption about the associated health risks

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