Characterization of Gums and Their Influence on the Phenomenon of Drug Release

Author(s): Kameswara Rao Sankula* and Seetha Devi A


The main concern of the present investigation is to provide new sustained release excipient which, when incorporated into a final product, produces controlled release of active ingredient over an extended period of 12hrs or more when the dosage form is exposed to G.I fluids in gastric environment. Many naturally available polymers were being investigated for their applications in the design of sustained drug delivery systems. The natural polymers which were characterized in the present research work have showed good flow properties and suitable physico chemical properties like low moisture content which enables low chance of microbial growth, high swelling index indicates high swellability and goodwater retention capacity there by enhanced permeation of drug for longer periods of time. The gums exhibiting non-Newtonian plastic flow, this indicates the gelling behavior and confirms their suitability in the development of controlled release delivery systems.
FTIR and DSC studies were carried out for characterization of gums and results indicated that there was no change in the absorption spectra. The bacterial and fungal counts were within limits and pathogenic microorganisms were absent and acute toxicity studies indicated that these gumswere safe to use.

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