Alcoholic Beverages in Indonesian Movies

Author(s): Redi Panuju and Daniel Susilo


Alcoholic beverages, or what is often referred to as liquor is a threat to people's lives due to destructive effects when consumed in excess. In Indonesia, the prohibition on using alcoholic beverages is regulated in Criminal Code (KUHP). Dealers who cause drunkenness and anyone who makes children under the age of 16 drunk are subject to prison sentences. However, as a life story, the phenomenon of using alcoholic beverages is fascinating and because of that, many works of art such as movies make use of the phenomenon of using alcoholic beverages as a story. This article tries to explain how liquor is taken to a big screen, both as a primary and complementary story. The data were obtained through observations of Indonesian movies containing liquor scenes in a period of 1970-1998 and after 2000. Meanwhile, the data analysis used narrative analysis.

image 10.4303/jdar/236062

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