Agriculture Sector Women's Alcohol Drinking Pattern and Behavior in the Lower Northern Region of Thailand

Author(s): Narongsak Noosorn*, Chakkraphan Phetphum and Rishad Choudhury Robin


Background: Alcohol consumption is one of the leading public health problems in the modern era and associates with almost 200 health conditions. In Thailand, the number of alcohol consumers is increasing especially among women. Agriculture is one of the major sectors of Thailand where almost half of the workforce is female. However, the pattern and behavior of alcohol consumption in this section of the population are not fully explored. This research aims to find out the pattern and behavior of the consumption of alcohol among women in the agricultural sector in the lower northern region of Thailand.

Methods: A triangulation mixed-method study had been conducted. In the quantitative part, there were 468 responders and 24 participants were in the qualitative part. Data had been analyzed through logistic regression and thematic analysis.

Results: Being single, parent's alcohol consumption, and distance of alcohol retail shop had been significantly associated with alcohol behavior found in the quantitative part. However, the qualitative part explored woman drinker, availability, reason, frequent, and amount of alcohol consumption.

Conclusions: Strong intervention is needed to reduce the consumption of alcohol among women in the agriculture sector

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