A Boon To Poorly Soluble Drugs-Lipid Soluble Systems

Author(s): Sridevi Gowripattapu*, D. SathisKumar and S.Selvamuthukumar


A major challenge faced in the expansion of innovatory medicinal dosage forms is their low water solubility, as a result of which the oral bioavailability is very low. Oral biological availability and solubility can be enhanced through the Lipid Based Drug Delivery System (LBDDS) which plays a crucial role in the expansion of medicinal dosage. Moreover, it is possible to adopt the liquid additives, medicament formulations and have synergistic effects with solid, semi-solid and liquid products. LBDDS drugs are scrutinized in several phases to investigate their bioavailability and dissolution rate, as they are poorly water soluble. This work presents the classification, and mechanisms to improve the solubility, bioavailability, components, characteristics and comparison of LBDD systems for oral use.

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