Gisele Carla de Palma

Great Western Hospitals, Swindon, England


  • Extended Abstract   

    Author(s): Gisele Carla de Palma and Fabio Navarro Cyrillo

    Abstract The effects of varenicline, a good drug for smoking stop, on chamber and chamber electrical phenomenon stay unknown. To judge the consequences of varenicline on rate, PR interval, QT interval and QT dispersion (QTd). A complete of sixty smokers was prospectively listed within the gift study. Twelve-lead ECG recordings were obtained for all subjects before and on the fifteenth day of drug administration. Electrocardiograms were recorded at amplitude of 20 mm/mV and a sweep speed of 50 mm/s. The mean (± SD) age of the volunteers was 38±10 years. 34(57%) were male. 14 (23%) had high blood pressure, 8 (13%) had polygenic disorder and 6 (10%) had chronic hindering respiratory organ disease. The mean rate was 74.7±13.3 beats/min, and mean heartbeat and beat blood pressures on admission were 122.3±14.3 mmHg and seventy six.5±10.2 mmHg, sever.. Read More»

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