Arthroscopic-Assisted Reduction and Fixation of a Posterior Cruciate Ligament Avulsion Using Endobutton

Author(s): Simon M Thompson and Abdel N Hassan


Purpose: We present a new technique of arthroscopic portal fixation of a posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) avulsion using an Endobutton (Acufex Microsurgical, Inc; Mansfield, MA, USA).

Method: The PCL bone avulsion was reduced using an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) aimer guide. An Endobutton is used to maintain and restore the anatomical position of the PCL. The full step-by-step technique is described in this article.

Results: Anatomical reduction and fixation of a PCL avulsion is achieved via arthroscopic surgery. Conclusion. Traditionally open reduction and internal fixation is required using a complex posterior approach. We describe a new method, using arthroscopic surgery without the need for a posterior approach to the knee.


image 10.4303/jot/235954

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