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Not infection with parasitic worms, but rather colonization with therapeutic helminths

Intestinal worms eating neuropsychiatric disorders? Apparently so

 The probiotic planet: using life to manage life

Anti-inflammatory potentials of excretory/secretory (ES) and somatic products of Marshallagia marshalli on allergic airway inflammation in BALB/c mice

Schistosoma japonicum peptide SJMHE1 suppresses airway inflammation of allergic asthma in mice

Immunization enhances the natural antibody repertoire

The benign helminth Hymenolepis diminuta ameliorates chemically induced colitis in a rat model system

Policy and regulations in light of the human body as a 'superorganism'containing multiple, intertwined symbiotic relationships

Hookworms make us human: The microbiome, eco?immunology, and a probiotic turn in western health care

Production and use of Hymenolepis diminuta cysticercoids as anti-inflammatory therapeutics

Evolution of the hygiene hypothesis into biota alteration theory: what are the paradigms and where are the clinical applications?

Helminth therapy–from the parasite perspective

Practices and outcomes of self-treatment with helminths based on physicians' observations

The untapped pharmacopeic potential of helminths

Microbiome and mental health in the modern environment

Parasites, ghosts and mutualists: a relational geography of microbes for global health

Alteration of the rat cecal microbiome during colonization with the helminth Hymenolepis diminuta

Got worms? Perinatal exposure to helminths prevents persistent immune sensitization and cognitive dysfunction induced by early-life infection

Probiotic environmentalities: Rewilding with wolves and worms