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Journal h-index 7
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Groups as units of functional analysis, individuals as proximate mechanisms

The teaching of electronics engineering: Guidelines for the design of training in and out of the classroom setting

Maintenance of cultural diversity: Social roles, social networks, and cognitive networks

Language as an emergent group-level trait

Why religion is better conceived as a complex system than a norm-enforcing institution

Cooperative interaction within RNA virus mutant spectra

The collaborative emergence of group cognition

 Go high or go low? Adaptive evolution of high and low relatedness societies in social hymenoptera

Assessing the cost effectiveness of pre-exposure prophylaxis for HIV prevention in the US

Cooperation: another mechanism of viral evolution

First principles of Hamiltonian medicine

Group-level traits emerge

The cultural evolution of emergent group-level traits

 Imunomodula?ní ú?inky extrakt? z helminta na st?evní bun??nou linii potkaního modelu

Helminths as a Cause or a Potential Treatment for Autism?

Gross ways to live long: Parasitic worms as an anti-inflammaging therapy?

Impact of hookworms and their secreted proteins on the microbiota and subsequent development of type 2 diabetes in mice

Social impacts of Gulley erosion in Kenya: a study of Kisumu west constituency

Authors' response to Graham Rook's commentary

Brave new worms: Orienting (non) value in the parasite bioeconomy