Sharadendu Bali

Maharishi Markandeshwar University, India


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    Author(s): Sharadendu Bali

    Age-old Ayurvedic poly-herbal formulations processed in the carrier Ghee offer the most effective solutions to prolong youth and ward off organ dysfunction. Ghee based formulations also figure in therapeutic applications to fight neuro-degeneration and dwindling immunity. Since the arduous process of creating these formulations results in micronization of the lipid particles, they are in effect similar to the nanoliposomes and nanoemulsions in conception. Recent anatomical researches have unravelled the presence of fine lymphatic vessels in the CNS, which until now was thought to be bereft of lymphatic supply. Since the absorption pathway of lipids and other hydrophobic phytochemicals is mainly through the lacteals, the active Phyto-nutrients bypass the immediate metabolic transformation in the liver and reach the right heart directly(through the thoracic duct), thus becoming able to .. Read More»

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