Patellofemoral Joint Instability: A Review of Current Concepts

Author(s): Deiary F Kader, Hosam E Matar and Nick Caplan


The patellofemoral joint remains the enigma of orthopedics and sports medicine. Patellar dislocation is a common problem in the younger and athletic population and it is more disabling than cruciate ligament injuries. The pathology is often multifactorial and complex with no one factor being the sole defining etiology. The current management of patella dislocation has been linked with poor patient satisfaction possibly due to a prolonged period of conservative treatment and the general tendency to delay surgical intervention. This review will address the main abnormal anatomical factors contributing to patellar instability, their clinical and radiological diagnoses, and the role of various surgical interventions, including the medial patellofemoral ligament reconstruction in stabilizing the patella.


image 10.4303/jot/235979

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