Pantalar Dislocation without Extrusion

Author(s): Stephen T Duncan, Raymond D Wright and Steven J Lawrence


Open hindfoot injuries result from high-energy trauma and include soft tissue disruption, joint dislocations, with possible chondral and osseous injuries. The term “total talus dislocation”, is an uncommon open hindfoot injury associated with talar extrusion. However, a total talus dislocation without extrusion has not been reported. This case presents an open hindfoot injury with dislocations of the tibiotalar, subtalar, and talonavicular joints without total extrusion of the talus. In our opinion, such injuries should be termed “pantalar dislocation without extrusion.” With this injury subtype, the talus should be preserved, if possible, despite its extensive soft tissue disruptions. Our approach contradicts previous total talar treatment recommendations for talar excision. Continued longterm follow-up is necessary to ensure that post-traumatic problems involving the talar dome do not arise.


image 10.4303/jot/235378

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