Author(s): Vandana Rani


The importance of physical activity for mother and fetus is well established in western literature. Therefore, now-a-days gynaecologists are encouraging pregnant women to be physically active in order to have a normal delivery without any complication and to deliver a healthy baby. There is no study from India till now that evaluated pedometer in pregnant women. Purpose: To assess physical activity pattern throughout the pregnancy using 5000 steps per day as reference; measured through pedometer. Method: 60 pregnant women (primigravida), aged 18-32 years were recruited for this study. They were provided with a cheap commercially available pedometer [HF 18 Deluxe 3D pedometer, JSB Healthcare, New Delhi, India] which was worn at waist level using belt. Number of steps taken were recorded by pregnant women on a log book at the end of day (i.e.) just before sleeping. Results: Indian pregnant women walked on an average of 3850 steps per day which is 1150 steps lower than the recommended level of 5000 steps to be called as lower end of active category. Individually only 10 out of 60 pregnant women were active (prevalence of inactivity was 83.3%).Conclusion: To measure physical activity throughout the pregnancy, low-cost pedometers proved as a reliable instrument used for this study. So, Pedometer can be used as a motivational tool to improve physical activity during pregnancy

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