Catastrophic Failure of the Femoral Condylar Prosthesis in Total Knee Arthroplasty

Author(s): Simon M Thompson and Gil Railton


The failure of total knee prosthetic components is a rare event, and has been most commonly reported around the polyethylene insert of tibia or the tibial prosthesis. The isolated fracture of a femoral component is a rare event. A review of the literature has reported a very similar failure in the same device in the same region of the medial femoral condyle, implanted in the same year, but in a different geographical location in the UK. Issues with polyethylene fracture and subsequent base plate failure are already documented, but those of the femur have not. We recommend timely revision of total knee arthroplasty where component failure is suspected, as this may prevent further damage.


image 10.4303/jot/235951

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