Advances in the Neurobiological Basis of Inhalant Abuse

Pharmacological Classification of the Abuse-Related Discriminative Stimulus Effects of Trichloroethylene Vapor

Keith L Shelton and Katherine L Nicholson

Volume 3 (2014), Article ID 235839, 9 Pages

DOI: 10.4303/jdar/235839

Published: November, -0001

Effects of the Abused Inhalant Toluene on the Mesolimbic Dopamine System

John J Woodward and Jacob Beckley

Volume 3 (2014), Article ID 235838, 7 Pages

DOI: 10.4303/jdar/235838

Published: November, -0001

Long-Term Behavioral Consequences of Prenatal Binge Toluene Exposure in Adolescent Rats

C L´opez-Rubalcava, K. Ch´avez-Alvarez, AG Huerta-Rivas, N P´aez-Mart´ınez, SE Bowen and SL Cruz

Volume 3 (2014), Article ID 235841, 8 Pages

DOI: 10.4303/jdar/235841

Published: November, -0001

Review of Toluene Actions: Clinical Evidence, Animal Studies, and Molecular Targets

Silvia L. Cruz, Mar´ıa Teresa Rivera-Garc´ıa and John J Woodward

Volume 0 (2014), Article ID 235840, 7 Pages

DOI: 10.4303/jdar/235840

Published: November, -0001

Challenges to Neuroscience and Public Policy Derived from New Trends and Patterns of Inhalant Misuse

Maria Elena Medina-Mora, Jorge A Villatoro, Clara Fleiz, Mario Dominguez, and Silvia L Cruz

Volume 0 (2014), Article ID 235842, 7 Pages

DOI: 10.4303/jdar/235842

Published: November, -0001

Introduction and Summary to the Special Issue “Advances in the Neurobiological Basis of Inhalant Abuse”

John J Woodward and Silvia L Cruz

Volume 0 (2014), Article ID 235843, 2 Pages

DOI: 10.4303/jdar/235843

Published: November, -0001

Differential Protein Expression in the Nucleus Accumbens and Amygdala of Lewis and Fischer 344 Rats, and its Relevance in Drug Addiction

David Roura-Mart´ınez, Marcos Ucha, Santiago M. Coria, Alejandro Higuera-Matas and Emilio Ambrosio

Volume 0 (2014), Article ID 235797, 7 Pages

DOI: 10.4303/jdar/235797

Published: November, -0001